Only your short summary video is due 30 November 2020

Introduction Clint Therakam


Where to begin?

Software and how to record. It is not mandatory to you use the programs we have suggested, i.e. Zoom (for recording) and Dropbox (for file transfer). You are welcome to use the program of your choice, but the guidelines and naming convention of your presentation and file remains.


Let's Get Started

Preparing Yourself and Equipment: Laptop or Desktop PC, webcam and headphone/earphones with a microphone attachment.


How to Record

How to use Zoom software to record your talk.


You're Nearly There

Step-by-Step Zoom and Recording Checklist.


Now Hit Record

Smile You're on Camera. Recording and Call to Action.


Great Job!

You have finished recording. Receiving your link – now what?


How do I save?

Step-by-step saving to Dropbox.


Where do I upload?

Using the COSPAR-2021-Hybrid Presenter Portal.


Call to Action

The Checklist. Ensuring your place in the COSPAR-2021-Hybrid Program.

Closing Comments Clint Therakam

Keep up to date

If you would like to receive updates and information on the progress of COSPAR 2021 which will be held in Sydney, please fill in details and select your interest for the conference.