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A step-by-step guide: How to record and submit your short summary video.

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6 Steps to Recording your Presentation Short Summary Video

1 Decide how you want to record your presentation
We suggest using Zoom with video and presentation tools. Using Zoom will allow you to the option to share your screen and sound, play videos and show PowerPoints etc.
2 Prepare your presentation content
Select your method of recording depending on whether you have a PowerPoint or video component to your presentation
3 Prepare to record your presentation
We suggest checking your computer settings and using a headset with microphone
4 Record your short summary presentation video
5 Submitting your pre-recorded presentation
Upload and save your files to a file sharing service (dropbox or wetransfer or equivalent) so they can be sent through the presentation portal
6 Register through the presenter portal that has been emailed directly to you
Please make contact with if you do not have your login details

See the full instruction guidelines here.

From the Desk of the Chair

This edition of From the Desk of the Chair, comes via video format, uniting myself and Dr Len Fisk, the President of COSPAR in an open conversation about COSPAR-2021-Hybrid.

In the video, we share with you what is in store for you at COSPAR-2021-Hybrid. Some months ago, we set out to deliver an event that will represent the state-of-the-art for how to bring global communities together in the face of the pandemic - and with our investment in a bespoke virtual platform technology for the event, we are succeeding!

No matter where you are in the world and at a time of day that works for you: you will get access to ALL content, pre-recorded, until the end of 2021; you’ll participate in live-streamed Q&A in each session and for each keynote talk and panel; you’ll have live access to exhibitors in the virtual Exhibit Hall, as well as real-time virtual access to talent; you’ll get to participate in the parallel program of special events and workshops we’re calling INTERSECT (where space meets …); and perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to engage in virtual yet real-time corridor conversations, the moments that start new friendships, build partnerships, create opportunities, that has been sorely missed this year. The technology and the production of an assembly of this size and sophistication do not come for free and our commitment to COSPAR’s critical financial support is firm. Nevertheless, we have worked hard to reduce your registrations fees. The result, we believe, is quite amazing value for money and will help stimulate our global collaborative efforts in this new world we have found ourselves.

Thank you for your confidence and support!

Professor Russell Boyce

Chair COSPAR 2021

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Professor Len Fisk

President of COSPAR

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