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Australia is buzzing with space conversations. With a new Australian Space Agency (ASA), there’s a momentous research push, space-related start-ups and more opportunities than ever for young Australian’s to be part of the journey.

There will be interactive experiences and activations especially for students, teachers and parents to participate in. Industry and government partners will provide opportunities to discover the latest innovations and also provide fun through exploration. We want COSPAR-K to be the space to ignite passion in our future thinkers and leaders.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to spark the next generation of STEM talent!

COSPAR-K Mission Objectives

We Need Your Help To Achieve Them!

To inspire and engage with thousands of students from NSW with the hope that these students will:
  • Pursue STEM related school subjects as part of their Higher School Certificate
  • Influence their selection of STEM related university courses
  • Pursue a career in space research or another STEM profession
Provide a forum for Australian STEM teachers to expand their knowledge of space science and to make connections with other STEM teachers.
To generate wider interest in Australian space research to parents, volunteers and the general public.
To profile industry and government initiatives being undertaken in the space science sector.
Attendance and engagement objectives are:
  • 50% gender split for student attendance and teacher talks
  • 10% indigenous student attendance or online engagement
  • 10% attendance or online engagement from students and teachers from rural and regional NSW
  • 5,000+ post event views via COSPAR-K TV powered by Microsoft

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